Facebook Love Story | Were They Destined To Meet | True Story

Facebook Love Story | Were They Destined To Meet | True Story 

Facebook Love Story | Were They Destined To Meet | True Story

Facebook Love Story | Were They Destined To Meet | True Story 


Short Love Story


Facebook Love Story – Relationships fade out from a distance. Brother s and sisters love cannot be expressed in words. There can be no better friend than a sister and vice versa.

This is a true love story that happened on Facebook for about a year or so, therefore, who says that a boy and a girl cannot be friends, brothers or sisters or even true lovers, hey, not in that sense as you might be thinking right now.

As one continues reading this story, it will certainly bring tears into one’s eyes.

Let me introduce to you Richard who is just around 28 years old the only son in the family. His parents were well to do as his father was into business.

Richard rarely used to cooperate with his father as far as work was concerned, but his father loved him and did not mind that at all.

His mother was very loving and passionate towards Richard and hence wanted her son to be in the house as much as possible all the time and all the days.

This love and care made Richard spend the majority of his time on social media as he had nothing else to do. But spend his time leisurely, he loved music and hence Youtube kept him busy.

Facebook and Instagram were the other two platforms where he would keep himself busy.

Incidentally, as he was on Facebook one day he came across a Tiktok video of a girl singing with great moves and he started to like her instantly.

He watched all her videos on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook and checked all her pics and status.

As expected Richard sent a friend request to Dora the Tiktok girl on FB and started following her on Instagram.


Touching Love Story on Facebook


Let’s meet Dora who is around 23 years old working and living in UAE with her parents.

She too is a social media addict and enjoys the attention she gets on there.

Dora accepted the friend requests from Richard and as a mark of respect sent a ‘thank you text on Messenger to Richard.

Richards felt happy to see the message and respected her note and replied with ‘welcome sister’.

The moment Dora saw the message from Richard she too was somehow perplexed for calling her sister.

Now, Dora had one younger sister and elder brother. The brother was married and living separately nearby there.

Dora upon checking her Instagram account saw that Richard was following her and in return, she started following him too.


TikTok Video Made All The Difference


A few days later Dora posted a video on Facebook and Richard was the first one to comment. In this manner, it happened almost on all the videos that Dora would post.

One day Dora happened to meet with an accident and was hospitalized with a leg fracture. She posted a pic from her hospital bed and captioned the pic as ‘bored in hospital’.

Richard as usual was the first one to see the pic and immediately commented as ‘what happened sister, I am worried’.

This message made Dora’s heart melt and she got emotional and she felt like that was her real brother asking her.

She felt that there are people in this world who love and care even though they are unknown. After a long time, she felt that there was someone who was worried and concerned about her.

At the same moment, there was a ting sound on her Messenger and it was Richard again texting her ‘sister please reply what happened’.

Dora instantly started texting him back and their texting to each other continued for hours until Dora was forced by the hospital nurses to sleep since she was told to take good rest by the doctor.

The next day early morning their texting to each other continued where it had ended the previous night.

Now, it was clear that they both got to know each other very well. Their texting continued on daily basis for hours into days. Later they started to send voice mails too.


Does Real Brother Sister Love Happen on Facebook?


It was nothing but just brother and sister kind of love to each other.

Now it was nearly 6 months and they knew each other inside out. Dora liked Richard, his honesty his calm attitude, his frankness and his caring habits.

During these 6 months of their friendship, they shared many personal family matters. Disclosed and shared those valuable moments about school days and college days and about their likes and dislikes etc.

Richard always treated Dora as his real sister and would always advise her on any topic that she wanted to.

He never wanted anything from Dora but had only one wish and that was to take a selfie together. He would remind Dora on every chat they would have to fulfil his wish.

Since Dora had joined a new company recently she was not in a position to take a risk and hence ask the company for a short leave to see Richard in India.


The Friendship Prayer – Facebook Love Story


Dora ‘thanked God’ for this friendship and always prayed to God to keep this friendship eternally.

Once whilst on video chat with Dora, Richard felt a little unwell, he told Dora that his vision was slightly getting weak, a blurry vision kind.

Dora just smiled and told him not to worry and just keep praying to God regularly and she would also do the same for him.

After a few days Richard again felt the same when he was watching a movie on Youtube but this time the vision was slightly worse.

Richard for the very first time told Dora to come to India to see him as he wanted to have a selfie with her.

Dora felt a little sad but told him not to worry and things would get better and to keep praying. She told him that she would come soon to India and meet him. She said this just to keep him happy.


A Couple of Months Passed – Facebook Love Story


One day suddenly there was no text message or voice note from Richard. Dora was at work and she got perplexed and worried as just the other day Richard had told her about his vision deterioration.

Dora called Richard on his mobile but there was no answer. She kept calling but the same results. This made Dora think about what could happen.

She began thinking of many negative things and she was not able to concentrate much on her work.

It was lunchtime, and as she was going to take her lunch she tried calling him one more time and this time his mother picked the call.

His mother knew Dora very well as Richard used to tell everything about Dora. Therefore, Dora was more like a daughter to her. And they had spoken already with each other on a few occasions.

His mother spoke in a soft tone from the hospital bed ‘dear Dora, my son is not well and he is in hospital’. She was crying over the mobile whilst talking.


The Unexpected Moments


Dora got stunned the moment she heard this. She got very emotional and just paused for a few moments without uttering a word.

She told her not to worry and she would keep praying for his immediate recovery.

The next day morning Richards mom called Dora and told her that Richards health is deteriorating and to keep praying for his recovery.

Dora was worried too and so she discussed the matter with her mother. Her mother understood the situation and told Dora to take 4 days to leave from her work and visit Richard.

When she applied for leave her leave was not sanctioned since the manager had gone on an important meeting out of UAE and would come only after a week.


Richards Condition Deteriorated 


Dora would call every few hours to Richards mom enquiring about the condition Richard. She took all the details of her residence and hospital location so that later the things don’t get worse.

Somehow the management took a decision seeing the criticality of the situation and approved her leave but that happened after 2 days.

During these days there was no improvement in Richards health. And according to his mother, the doctors have stopped treating Richard.

Richard was showing discomfort, such as moaning and grimacing. He was having breathing trouble and seems upset.

On the 3rd day, she booked the flight and reached India late in the night as the flight was delayed by a few hours.


“Baby My Son Is No More”


As she was coming out of the flight she got a call from Richards mom. Dora answered the call immediately.

There was silence, no one was talking, but she could hear someone was crying from a little distance.

Dora kept saying hello, hello. Her heartbeats were increasing

Softly Richards mother spoke, “baby my son is no more”.

That was the moment that Dora never wanted to hear about. Tears rolled down and they kept dropping continuously. Dora just closed her eyes and said” why God, why”?

Dora took a taxi immediately to go to the hospital and after reaching the hospital there was someone at the entrance to receive Dora.

The guy cleared the taxi fellow and took Dora to see Richard.

That was the moment that none wanted to see. Richard had gone pale and weak. Richard died of cancer.

It was an emotional meet all the way. Dora took the first and the last selfie with Richard and after his burial ceremony, Dora spent a day with Richards parents and arrived back in UAE.


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