Fairy Tale Love – Love at First Sight | Stories of Love and Hate

Fairy Tale Love – Love at First Sight | Stories of Love and Hate

Fairy Tale Love – Love at First Sight


Fairy Tale Love – Love at First Sight


Fairy Tale Love — Love at First Sight, a cute short story. Who says teenage love is plan fantasy?

Teenage love is something that packs enough innocent charm to make even the coldest hearts go warm. That is the special thing about love.

The fact that most long and short teenage love stories have the same struggles which every person has. When the love is true and pure, like love generally is in most short teenage love stories.

As adults, we perceive love as something more complex than it is, but not during the teenage years when it is just a simple sensation of caring for someone wholeheartedly.

Many a time teenage love, at first sight, does not last long but in a few cases, if it does then that love converts into a long-lasting bond and then into marriage and then until death apart.


Introduction — Fairy Tale Love


Meet Jayson, a young guy around 20 years old and Jessica 14 years old. Their love story is just like any routine or most common one-sided love fantasy at the beginning.

Let’s know a little more about Jessica. Jessica is a school student, she is shy, less talkative and unfriendly who would rarely look into the eyes of any guy.

Her School is nearby around 20 min. distance from her residence and so she would normally walk on a daily basis up and down to school.

Jayson was running a family business, a general store to be precise and he would always pass by the same road every morning


The First Meet — Fairy Tale Love — Love at First Sight


On a given day Jayson was driving on his two-wheelers going to bring routine store purchases. And Jessica was walking along with her other two friends going to school.

One day as Jessica and her friends were walking a Bull was running along the road. Jessica and her friends were unaware of the Bull running towards them, suddenly Jessica’s friend saw the Bull approaching and they pulled each other towards the other side and almost hit Jayson’s bike.

Jayson applied instant breaks or else he would certainly hit Jessica. Jayson was angry instantly and was about to burst out, he was very annoyed.

Jessica realized her fault and for the first time she looked into Jayson’s eyes and gently said ‘sorry’.

Jayson was motionless when he looked into Jessica’s eyes. He was in a different world dreaming away.

Jessica along with her friends moved ahead but Jayson was still there imagining something.

After reaching a little ahead Jessica turned back to see if Jayson had gone away.

When Jayson saw Jessica turning back, Jayson at this moment realized that it was not a dream but it is a true incident.


Love Spells — Love Magic


Love magic drove Jayson into spellbound. Yes, Jessica cast a magic spell on Jayson. On this day he decided that no matter whatever the hurdles he would face he would surely win her heart.


Who says teenage love is plan fantasy?


Their story continued since then in a similar manner for years. Jayson tried many times to talk to her but she would always shy away and ignore him.

Finally, Jessica finished her schooling and reached higher secondary in the same college as was Jayson. But Jayson due to family business had to discontinue his studies before he could complete graduation.

But Jayson would make a point daily to pass by that road only to see Jessica.

One fine day Jayson decided to write a letter so that he could proclaim his love. But he was reluctant to do it all by himself.

The next morning, he took the help of his cousin and decided to hand over the letter to Jessica. As usual, Jayson made sure to reach early than usual so that he does not miss her.

But that day unexpectedly she was not alone a new friend joined her to college. Their plan took a twist, almost flopped but his cousin took courage and gave the letter to Jessica.

She asked “What is this”

Cousin replied “a small letter from Jayson”

She looked at him and tore the letter and walked away


Good Night Messages


 This was not the end for Jayson, he never lost his courage. Through his Facebook contacts, he traced Jessica and sent her a friend request.

She did not accept his request for nearly a week or a little more and finally one day he saw what was hardly expected, ‘Yes’ his friend request was accepted by her. And finally, he had a sigh of relief.

This was the beginning of his confidence and faith in his belief.

He sent her his first text message “Good night” followed by “Good morning” the next day. This became a daily routine.

This way he would also send messages to wish her on her birthdays and on any important festivals.

The surprising part was she never replied to his single message, not even a “Thank You”

The one-sided love continued for 4 years. Plenty of good mornings and good night wishes and birthday wishes to list them continued.

Then came the 5 birthday or their 5 years of relationship, on her birthday day she completed her graduation. On this day she replied to him “Thank you”.

This was his most exciting and one of the happiest moments in his life, the reply that he was expecting every day from her he finally got.


Real Love — Fairy Tale Love


Jayson believed his love was real. He was on a mission to accomplish. His prayers were answered. But he also knew that there is still a very long way to go.

His night and morning wish continued and this time with more confidence and zeal because now Jessica had replied to his messages.

This way their friendship continued for another 4 years, in all 8 years without talking to each other personally.


Jayson Proposes


Finally, Jayson persuaded Jessica to meet him at one place just for a few minutes. As promised she came and they met. Their first meeting was very simple and very odd kind. She had come to a grocery shop to purchase something and this time he proposed to her.

Jessica, was shy as usual and did not commit. She smiled and they went away.

Thereafter, Jessica took up a job somewhere and Jayson joined the ship after a few months. Jayson’s small business was discontinued due to a lack of business.

Hence, Jayson would come down after every six months from the ship that was his contract.

They made sure that distance did not separate them, and also made sure their friendship grew stronger day by day.

In this manner, another two years passed away. The surprising part was none of their family members knew about their friendship.

Finally, after 10 years of friendship, Jayson told his parents and they went to Jessica’s house for a family discussion the very next day.

Their parents too were pleased with their children’s choices and soon an engagement date was fixed.


Love Marriage


After the commitment, Jayson joined the ship again and upon his return, the wedding was planned.

This way following eleven years of Jayson’s mission was finally coming to a grand conclusion. Yes, they were getting married. They had a grand wedding.

And to give a grand finale to their love story a beautiful song was composed and dedicated to the couple.

This beautiful song brought their eleven years of memories alive once again in front of the entire invitees.

Jayson always had a great sense of humour, he would always write a small letter or a note, scribble a few words and give it to Jessica and she would always blush and just like the first time just tear them without even reading anything.



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