My Valentine – Destined Love Story

My Valentine – Destined Love Story

TeMy Valentine – Destined Love Story


How To Make My Valentine – Destined Love Story



My Valentine – Destined love – two hearts were destined to meet one day. They were best friends, respected each other. They shared their same life goals.


If Love Is Destined Than Why There Are Hurdles?


It is normal for every boy or girl to go through such common hurdles in life.

Hurdles like – 

He keeps ignoring you.

Would not answer calls or reply to your messages.

He would chat and move around with other girls etc.

Well, this is called one kind of punishment, true. Whether it is a boy or a girl, whether she does it or a boy does it. It’s simple, he or she wants you to feel the pain and hence this is the most testing period in life.


Who Are Svetlana and Ashley – My Valentine – Destined Love Story


There was this girl whose name was Svetlana her age was 20 years of age. She was in love with a guy whose name was Ashley his age was 21 years approximately, just a few months difference between them.

To tell the fact, Svetlana was in love with Ashley since her school days when they were in the same class. It was kind of one-sided love because none had proposed to each other, which means Ashley didn’t know that Svetlana loved him.

Moreover, their destined love story continued in the same manner in their college days later. They both were in the same college but in a different class.


Well, To Describe Them In Short – My Valentine – Destined Love Story


Ashley was sober, a serious kind of guy. He was good-looking as he was on the fairer side and tallish. But he had some negative aspects (a particular type of features) as well.

He always preferred to be alone he did not want to be with the crowd. He would talk very little.

 But he had a plus point too. He was always surrounded by girls wherever he was, whether it be in school or college.

 He preferred talking very little with girls but always liked girl’s company.

Svetlana, liked him because of his, sober, less talkative, and very helpful nature. Coming to girl’s company, yes she used to get very angry and jealous most of the time.

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What Is Svetlana’s Reaction When Ashley Used To Be In Girls Company?


She never wanted Ashley to be with girls. Every time she would see Ashley with girls she would cry. Her heart longed for him and this way her love kept growing towards Ashley more and more day by day.

Coming to helpful nature, Ashley used to help Svetlana a lot study-wise. And Svetlana just to be with him would purposely ask Ashley for help.

Their friendship was known to all of their friends, but no one knew that Svetlana was in love with Ashley. Ashley too felt many times that Svetlana loved him.


Ashley Made Attempts Various Attempts At Times


Many times Ashley tried to test Svetlana by making her jealous to see her reactions, and so he always kept himself in company with girls.  


Valentine Day – February The 14 – My Valentine – Destined Love Story


The February month it was, yes February the 14, Valentine day. Svetlana had decided that by hook or by crook she is going to propose to Ashley.

That particular day Svetlana wore a reddish type long dress and she looked really beautiful in that dress.

She had worked out a plan with her friend and this friend of hers was supposed to bring Ashley to one particular place a garden.


Proposed Day – in the Garden – My Valentine – Destined Love Story


Svetlana reached the garden very much early as she been waiting for this day, so far everything was moving as per her plan.

And in that garden in the middle of it, there was a big Mango tree with strong roots.

This Mango tree had a cozy seat or a retaining wall around it. As she was sitting, she plucked one Daisy flower and started playing the famous game of love to test whether he loves her or not (he loves me or he loves me not).

And the final result of this test was sad, he loves me not, and tears almost rolled down from Svetlana’s eyes. Again she was lost in dreams.


She Was Self Motivating


Svetlana kept looking at the time. Because at any moment she was expecting Ashley and her friends there.
The outcome of that result did not discourage her but kept motivating herself.

After a moment or so, she slightly turned her head towards her right side and could see Ashley coming.

Likewise, always this time also Ashley was accompanied by three girls. But from those three girls, one was Svetlana’s friend I, would say her best supporter and planner of this meeting.

In this garden, a nice clean, and neat-looking bench was empty she told her friends to sit and also made sure that Ashley takes the aisle seat.

The main reason for sitting on that bench, in particular, was because it was just opposite the mango tree.


The Propose – A Message Of Love


Incidently at that moment a little boy was passing by Svetlana as he was going for tuition’s. Svetlana stopped him and asked him for a page from his rough book.

Svetlana wrote a small message and told the little fellow to go and give it to Ashley. The little fellow did exactly as told to him.

 Ashley took the message opened it slowly and partially and read it. And as he was opening he saw one of the girls seating next to him was peeping in trying to read.

Ashley saw that, and he casually smiled at her and immediately closed it. He tried to see where Svetlana was.

 He was blushing within, a blush of satisfaction and happiness. The girls were all engrossed in their discussions.

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The Final look – A Kiss Of Acceptance


Svetlana from there just kept looking at Ashley slowly, trying to see what are his reactions after reading her note.

As she was looking at him, suddenly Ashley looked up and their eyes clashed.

Svetlana as shy she is, just gave a slight smile she knew from Ashley’s reaction that he has accepted her.


Ashley Walks A Little And Then Stops Suddenly, Why?


That moment Ashley saw her and he smiled back at her and started to walk towards her instantly. Ashley walked few steps and suddenly stopped.

Svetlana had a start, she was in thoughts as to what was wrong. There was a pause.

Ashley had seen a beautiful rose plant there, and it had many red roses hence, he moved a little sideways and plucked on the rose.

He went to Svetlana, knelt down on one knee and gave that rose and kissed her hand.

Svetlana just didn’t know what to do she felt she was dreaming as she would always dream of him.

And so finally, the destined lover meant to hers one day.

What is in your destiny it will be yours, no matter what comes in between the two?

And in this manner, their destined love story continued…

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