My Love For You Will Never Die

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My Love For You Will Never Die


     My Love For You Will Never Die


My Love For You Will Never Die, Love, Hate

My Love For You Will Never Die

It was the 1st day of college, like any otherfreshman Jonas had high expectations as to how will he spend these four years in college. How will the professors be? What type of classmates will he get and so on.


Just as he entered the college premises, a beautiful girl passed by his side and he immediately got attracted towards her, but due to the crowd, he lost sight of her. Jonas walked few steps towards her and tried to find her but she was nowhere around.

After a week he saw her again and since then, she would just linger in his mind all day. The next day in a course of the conversation, he inquired about her with some of his friends and got her name.


Her name was Laura, the most gorgeous girl in the entire college for Jonas.  Jonas saw her few times after that, tried several times to take a step forward and speak to her, but could not do so as he lacked in courage.


The event that finally got them together – An opportunity to talk


However, during the  Function, various classes were combined to host different events. Luckily, both Jonas’s class and class were combined together. Jonas was so excited that he finally got the opportunity to speak to her. Eventually, they became good friends and developed a good connection. The function they had organized was a great success too.


Years passed by and they became best friends. They would go to college together, chill out with their friends, and would have a great time together. They both really jelled in a different way.


Everyone would think that they are in a relationship and are perfect for each other.
The real truth was, Jonas and Laura too had a liking for each other but both did not have the guts to express their feelings.

However, during their final year, Jonas’s parents were transferred to London due to work, which meant that Jonas too had to leave. He called up Laura asking her to meet up near a spot next to a riverside in the city.

Waiting for Laura to arrive, seated on a huge rock he was thinking about how he could express his feelings towards her.
As time passed by, Laura came to the mentioned spot and saw Jonas sitting, his back facing her.


My Love For You Will Never Die


Laura silently walked up to Jonas and covered his eyes from behind and whispered in Jonas’s ears, “guess who?” Jonas giggled, “Laura it’s you!”. Laura removed her hands from Jonas’s eyes. Jonas turned around and held Laura’s hand and asked her to sit.

As they were seating, both kept looking at each other without a word being said. Jonas looked unhappy, didn’t say a word. Instead, he just stared at the river, the water calmly moving. Laura, noticing this, asks Jonas, “what’s bothering you so much, that you are not even speaking to me?”.

Jonas still staring at the river replies sadly, “I’m leaving for London…”, there was a pause, a complete silence for a while. Hearing these words Laura was deeply sad, inside her she felt her life falling apart, but with a smile on her face she said,” Great news, bravo! Aren’t you excited? You have an opportunity to make your life magic”.


Laura’s guess was right

Laura knew that Jonas likes her, she knew he could not deal with going away from her.

After a while, as they spent most of their time just looking around, it was getting dark, the sun was set ting calmly and the pain in their hearts was like fireglazing.


Jonas placed a paper ring, with a small creeper entwined to it on Laura’s hand and told her to keep it safe until they meet again. He looked into Laura’s eyes but he couldn’t say anything more, he kissed her forehead and they both departed their ways.


Five years passed since Jonas left for London. Every single day, every moment, he was on her mind. All these years she was very depressed, as she never received a letter or a call from him.

She thought that by now he must have forgotten her.
For the past few days, Laura’s parents were discussing her marriage which even more made her feel sad.


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Remembering those fond memories


One evening, Laura was sitting on her rocking chair on the veranda with a cup of tea in her hand thinking of those happy days spent with Jonas and her friends in the college. All of a sudden one young man wearing round transparent glasses, a heavy gray coat along with his briefcase, appeared at her doorsteps.


Laura was wondering who the handsome young man with such an amazing sharp beard is… Laura stood up and asked him as she was confused…. “Who are you gentleman?  and why are you here?


My Love For You Will Never Die


He introduced himself, addressing that he is Sir Jonas’s secretary and that he has ordered him to ask you to give him back the ring.
Laura looked at him, and her eyes moistened suddenly and then tears rolled down on her chicks, she was stunned, and in a calm voice, she asks the unknown man “Where is he”? How is he doing?  Why does he want it back? To burn it or to hand it over to another lady?.

Laura panting, went inside her bedroom to get the ring. She opened her cupboard, the ring was kept secretly hidden inside and safe. She had kept it in the jar so that it wouldn’t tear.

Laura carefully removed the ring and came running, as she approached him with her head down,  stretched her hand in front, and gave it to him.

The unknown man stretched his left hand on Laura’s chin and giggled and said “didn’t you still recognize me Laura my honey?”. Laura stunned for a second, trying to look into Jonas’s eyes.


My Love For You Will Never Die


As Laura just kept looking, the very next moment Jonas’s hands were off Laura’s chin and he was down on his knees with the ring in his right hand asking Laura, “Will you marry me? “.
Laura had a blush, she recognized him, and said “Idiot”
Laura got down on her knees and nodding her head, said “Yes my love I will” kissed his lips saying I knew you would come back to me one day, and here you are. I missed you a lot and will always love you till my last breath.

The Moral: Sometimes what is meant for you will eventually find its way to you.


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Written By: Aloysius Monteiro

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